Friday, 23 October 2009

zombieland. a spoiler free Review.

Zombieland is pretty much a ronseal movie. it does what it says on the tin.
Watch the traler and thats what youre gonna get. like it? go and see it. its a barrel of squeamish laughs. dont like the look of it? you wont like it. trust me.

The film does something interesting, it just kind of assumes you already know the whole zombie deal. Youve seen the films and there are some nice references to the games. It starts out and explains little. More info is given but its not really important about the whole zombie apocalypse. One nice joke is that the plague was started in America by some guy eating a infected hamburger. The plot's hardly there so its up to the four characters to hold you're attention. There's the nerdy guy. Aimed at reeling in the nerdy shut ins that will watch this kind of film. is like Scrub's JD, the sort of loveable looser thats pretty common in films today. he's countered by Woody Harelson's obnoxios and actually rather charming psychopath. There's lots of times when natural born killers comes to mind. but without the moral ambiguity. yknow. cos he's killing zombies. then theres the hot girl and her little sister. Who to me just feel like window dressing and are really there just to hijack what could have been quite a good buddy movie with the two guys.
The violence is that sort of Shogun Assassin extreme. buckets of blood. but then that's what people watch this stuff for.
There are some nice gags. but its pretty hit and miss.
The film feels like its trying to do an American Sean of the Dead.
American life on mars and the American Spaced failed.
this film doesn't fail, but it just doesn't have that English charm when it comes to mixin horror and comedy.
watch it for the fantastic cameo. the clowns and a few scrubs esk jokes.

In a nutshell? "What if DR Cox and JD went on a road trip through zombie infested America."

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