Friday, 23 October 2009

One fantastic fox.

Two movie reviews in one day! i hear you gasp? say it aint so.
Well as a slight surprise got to go and see Fantastic mr fox. directed by Wes Anderson.
Now Mr Anderson has made a good living for himself making very charming films.
And Fantastic mr fox has to be his most charming. Its the best way to describe it.
Dont get me wrong. i was worried, Roald Dahl stories are quintesentialy English. and here
comes a yank with a mostly American cast.
But yknow what? i forgive him. cos he's Wes Anderson and this is a charming film.
The story of a whiely Mr Fox wanting to outsmart three farmers to feed his family.
There's much more to it than that i assure you, but I'll leave it to you to find out by going to watch the film. which you will.
The animation is top notch. You suspend disbelief as you do with most animated films. But the animation is slightly more rickety than the likes of corps bride. This was another of Wes's ideas. and you know, it works. yes the smoke is cotton wool. yes the fur moves about as the animals faces move. but that just makes it all the more attractive. + no CG. not one bit. 100% animated puppets. Beautiful.
the voice talent is top notch. with
George looney
Bill Murray
Meryl Streep
Adrien Brody
Owen Wilson
Willem Dafoe
Jason Schwartzman

Michael Gambon
(my favorite)
Brian Cox
Anjelica Huston

all giving starling performances. And a fantastic appearance of Jarvis Cocker as Pete. the man with the banjo.
I'm not really one to leap to celebrity voices in animated films. most of them don't fit and I would rather they leave it to the professionals. and Clancy Brown.
But here they all suit the character designs. which are by the way very cool.
There are some odd moments. things that don't quite make sense. But unlike most kids films scenes don't feel labored or uncomfortable. This film is more Iron Giant than shrek 3.
Still. I'ff you're not won over by it then I'm just going to have to beat you with a sack full of
river pebbles until you're eyeballs fall out.

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